MA570-Summer '99 Syllabus

The catalog description is: A self-contained course in n-dimensional analysis, including the general form of Stokes' theorem. Prereq: MA 432G or equivalent

This will be a course in multivariate calculus and it certainly is aimed toward a general form of Stokes' theorem. It will not be self-contained -- it will assume that you have a good grounding in one dimensional calculus, a basic knowledge of linear algebra, and a certain level of mathematical maturity. This will not be a spectator sport -- you will be spending the bulk of your time working on problems.

Here are some bookkeeping trivia:

Instructor Accessibility: Official office hours are 8-9 daily. But if you want to talk, just catch me any time -- I can usually talk to you within 10 minutes of when you find me. Also, if you find that things like problem sessions might be useful, just ask and we can schedule them.

Problems: Except when you are specifically told not to do so, you may work together on the solution of problems. You may not work together on the writing up of solutions, and you must attribute work -- if you collaborated with someone on a particular problem, say so; if the crucial idea came from someone, say so. English exposition is important and it is expected that at least a significant portion of the problems will be properly formatted with a word processor, such as LaTeX.

As the author says, "the problems are the most important part of the book, and the reader should at least attempt them all." In keeping with this, until further notice, all problems in each section are assigned.

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