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Old Artwork


I am not much of a visual artist, but I still enjoy 3D modeling and animation. This page contains pictures of some of my older models I have worked on.

Moon Rover

moon rover 1 moon rover 2

Low-poly Cargo Ship

cargo ship 1 cargo ship 2

cargo ship 4 cargo ship 3

Space Invader Sculpt

While working at Infuse Medical, I taught a course on 3D programming with OpenGL. As part of my course we created a small space invaders clone. Another developer created the low-poly model for the alien, which I use to create the high resolution sculpt shown below. Occlusion maps were generated from the sculpt for the game.

alien 1 alien 2

space invaders ipad space invaders ipad

Low-poly Radio

radio 1 radio 2 radio 4

Pixel Art

knight pixel art alien pixel art rocket pixel art owl pixel art

Another Ship

another ship