raw_storage_iterator<ForwardIterator, T>

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In C++, the operator new allocates memory for an object and then creates an object at that location by calling a constructor. Occasionally, however, it is useful to separate those two operations. [1] If i is an iterator that points to a region of uninitialized memory, then you can use construct to create an object in the location pointed to by i. Raw_storage_iterator is an adaptor that makes this procedure more convenient. If r is a raw_storage_iterator, then it has some underlying iterator i. The expression *r = x is equivalent to construct(&*i, x).


class Int {
  Int(int x) : val(x) {}
  int get() { return val; }
  int val;

int main()
  int A1[] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7};
  const int N = sizeof(A1) / sizeof(int);

  Int* A2 = (Int*) malloc(N * sizeof(Int));     
  transform(A1, A1 + N, 
            raw_storage_iterator<Int*, int>(A2),


Defined in the standard header memory, and in the nonstandard backward-compatibility header iterator.h.

Template parameters

Parameter Description Default
OutputIterator The type of the raw_storage_iterator's underlying iterator.  
T The type that will be used as the argument to the constructor.  

Model of

Output Iterator

Type requirements

Public base classes



Member Where defined Description
raw_storage_iterator(ForwardIterator x) raw_storage_iterator See below.
raw_storage_iterator(const raw_storage_iterator&) trivial iterator The copy constructor
raw_storage_iterator& operator=(const raw_storage_iterator&) trivial iterator The assignment operator
raw_storage_iterator& operator*() Output Iterator Used to implement the output iterator expression *i = x. [2]
raw_storage_iterator& operator=(const Sequence::value_type&) Output Iterator Used to implement the output iterator expression *i = x. [2]
raw_storage_iterator& operator++() Output Iterator Preincrement.
raw_storage_iterator& operator++(int) Output Iterator Postincrement.
output_iterator_tag iterator_category(const raw_storage_iterator&) iterator tags Returns the iterator's category. This is a global function, not a member.

New members

These members are not defined in the Output Iterator requirements, but are specific to raw_storage_iterator.
Function Description
raw_storage_iterator(ForwardIterator i) Creates a raw_storage_iterator whose underlying iterator is i.
raw_storage_iterator& operator=(const T& val) Constructs an object of ForwardIterator's value type at the location pointed to by the iterator, using val as the constructor's argument.


[1] In particular, this sort of low-level memory management is used in the implementation of some container classes.

[2] Note how assignment through a raw_storage_iterator is implemented. In general, unary operator* must be defined so that it returns a proxy object, where the proxy object defines operator= to perform the insert operation. In this case, for the sake of simplicity, the proxy object is the raw_storage_iterator itself. That is, *i returns i, and *i = t is equivalent to i = t. You should not, however, rely on this behavior. It is an implementation detail, and it is not guaranteed to remain the same in future versions.

See also

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